Bridge Term Definitions

Basic Bridge Terms. Auction: The part of the game where the partnerships bid to play in a contract. The dealer opens the auction. Balanced hand: A hand which contains no voids, singletons and no more than one doubleton. Possible card distributions for a balanced hand are: 4-3-3-3 (the so-called"flat" hand), 4-4-3-2 and 5-3-3-2.

These terms are used in contract bridge, using duplicate or rubber scoring. Some of them are also used in whist, bid whist, the obsolete game auction bridge, and other trick-taking games.This glossary supplements the Glossary of card game terms.. In the following entries, boldface links are external to the glossary and plain links reference other glossary entries.

Go to Glossary Conventions N-Z Bidding duplicate general play Jargon Rubber: Also see Systems – 2/1, Bridge World Standard, ACOL, Eastern Scientific, Goren, Italian Blue Club, Kaplan-Sheinwold (KS), Moscito, Precision, Roman, Walsh, Standard American Yellow Card (SAYC).

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Bridge slang term describing an easily makable contract. In postmortem heat, players tend to exaggerate the degrees of coldness. Frigid and icy are similar terms. A colorful variation is "colder than a creek rock" or "crick rock." COLOR. A rarely used term that distinguishes suit-play from notrump play.

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